“An orthopedic surgeon had told me that I had spondylolisthesis and a herniated disc in my lumbar spine. I was taking anti-inflammatory and pain medications. In just a couple of sessions I was feeling fine. I’ve seen Dede regularly for several years now—through pregnancy and beyond—with no trouble in my low back!”
--Ann Graziano

“...I asked for a 30 minute session to address carpal tunnel issues...in 30 minutes Dede determined my issues were actually caused by tight muscles and tendons in my shoulders and chest... read more

“When I began working with Dede 5 or 6 years ago I had plantar fasciaitis. I had worked with doctors and physical therapists, gotten corticosteroid shots, used pain and anti-inflammatory medications. I had tried exercise, stretching, acupuncture and orthotics. My work with Dede cured it, and I’ve had no trouble since...though I still enjoy and benefit from my monthly massages with her!”
--Linda Ridenour

“I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for all of my adult life. Recently, my massage therapist moved out of the area and she recommended Dede. Dede has been a God send-- helping me transition from a weeklong hospital stay to returning to work full-time in a matter of months. Wow, I just can’t say enough good things about Dede.”
--Nancy Rehling

“When I saw Dede over a year ago I could not run, though running is one of my favorite ways to keep mind and body in good condition. My right foot had been causing me trouble for over two years... read more

“I came to you 4 months into a 3 year recovery from spinal surgery...it was life-changing, really...my surgeon was quite impressed... I will always consider the work we have done together -- on your table, through the healing touch of your hands -- one of the great gifts to come of this long and difficult experience...read more

“I had been having severe ankle pain, hands going to sleep…it hurt to walk and to get up from sitting. I was having to take prescription pain medication to get around…now I manage the aches with Tylenol Arthritis ® and Dede Dancing...read more

“I have been seeing Dede as my massage therapist for nearly 10 years, and have found her to be exceptional in this capacity. She asks questions that will guide her in addressing areas of concern. She listens... read more

“...I had back surgery in the early 1970’s due to a freak accident, and had been struggling for years with chronic pain and stiffness from calcified scar tissue. I had never let anyone work on my scar before Dede. Massage therapists had rarely helped it and some actually made it worse... read more

I am a trail runner/ultra -- normally running 70-80 miles per week. A couple of years ago I had been struggling with ankle pain for 3-4 months. My wife recommended I see Dede for it. I tried a full body massage with focus on my IT bands and medial tendons above ankle. I have not had to deal with that pain since then. I see her when I can—to help with general soreness from training. Definitely before/after races, after long hard training weeks/anytime I feel twinges or pain I get in right away. I recommend her to my running buddies.
–JD Graziano BA, NRP, FP-C

“I asked my acupuncturist to recommend a massage therapist, as my body was stiff with limited range of motion, most pronounced in my neck. Told her I needed a massage therapist skilled in rehabilitative massage as I have several old injuries…My sciatica was pronounced at the time with pain shooting down my left leg and numbness in my left foot. Chronic condition for which I have refused medication. My neck was very stiff with limited range of motion in all directions…the results have been amazing... read more

I saw Dede the first time for a 15 minute massage at my workplace. I had been having a headache for 9 months or more, and that tiny massage made so much difference! I saw her again the next time she came, then began making appointments for full-body 90 minute treatments in her studio once each month. The magic of these sessions fills me with a sense of peace and well-being. They help me feel better on so many levels--physically of course--but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I make sure that $90 is in my budget every month!
–Rosalind Conrad

My doctor referred me to Dede two and a half years ago. My shoulders were painful and had limited range of motion, to a point that I had trouble with simple things like getting dressed or driving for any length of time. With Dede's care I am back to pain-free life - doing everyday tasks comfortably and working out as vigorously as before I had the shoulder troubles. Lying on her table is like a trip to heaven...I am so grateful to have this magic in my life!
–Kristine Munoz, Ph.D

And from my email...

“HI Dede, I am so happy to have found you at this time in my life (menopause). I believe you have made it better for me, and continue to, with the Mayan pelvic floor massage-what a great relief to know I do not have to get rid of body parts or have surgery. I like the natural approach you provide. As long as I continue to work this physical job, I depend on you to repair me. Thanks, and know that I look so forward to every massage.”

Subject: WWDDD
I couldn't resist that string of letters...What Would DeDe Do?

I did not go to the Ortho today, to have or discuss a spinal shot. Last week, finally able to think, I thought WWDDD? and answered, "Massage!" So that's what I did on the lower leg pain - it goes away. When it returns, massage again. So, whatever else is going on, soft tissue response is helpful. The upper-back still has constant low-level hurt, so there might be nerve, or other things going on. I'll call about a real DDM. But, I did want you to know that you have been helpful! RahRah!
Thanks amb

And as a teacher...

Hey Dede
I just had a moment to look at your CD and it is wonderful!! The students are really lucky to have you put forth all the effort to create that. I guarantee that they use it often, not in the next year but for the rest of their career!
–Katie Swenson, LMT (previous Western Massage course instructor at East-West)

Hi Dede,
This morning… I put together some observations on your teaching in Tuesday's session:
Dede provided clear instructions… she went back and forth between demonstration to the class, verbal reinforcement of the steps she is describing and moving through the group to provide one-on-one demonstration…At one point in the session, a student who I work with in developing teaching skills noticed this simultaneous communication with the group and the individuals and turned to me and said 'She is SO GOOD!'... read more

Student Evaluations...

Dede has a great attitude and personality. Well spoken, easy to understand…Very helpful during hands-on session…Present and aware. Keep being awesome!

Dede was very helpful with techniques when I had questions—she’s been great!

I liked everything about this course! Dede is a wonderful instructor. I feel like I learned so much from her! Watching a technique and then doing it myself was perfect learning. Thank you times a million!

Can’t wait till you teach us more!

I love this course! The energy. The techniques. The fun. Thank you so much! Keep on dancing!

Know that you have amazing gifts and are so good at sharing them with others :) Thank you for letting me be a part of that.

I loved Dede’s style of teaching. Her passion for massage is inspiring.

Dede—you are the best instructor I ever had. Thank you for everything.

This was a great course. I grew as a massage therapist and as a person.

Dede Dancing

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M-F 8:30 to 6:30
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M-F 8:30 to 6:30
Call or email for your appointment
319-471-7543 or dede@dreamdancing.com