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Oil and Water
Dede Dancing, LMT
As a young woman I had a doctor who taught me things about taking care of myself.

For example—I was experiencing a hot, burny, red irritation. Because of the infection-seeming aspect of the condition I was using lots of hot water and soap to get rid of the bacteria, so it would heal. That treatment exacerbated the problem. The “irritation” part was key. There was a rash involved. Cool water and vinegar. Air dry. My doctor tried not to laugh at what I had been doing.

He taught me so much...what does a bladder infection feel like? How to avoid them. How to care for them. What’s wrong with taking anti-biotics, how to treat some infections without them, how to know when you probably need to take them. What does heartburn feel like? How to prevent/take care of it. When to use heat/cold/salt/vinegar...and other things. He cut a malignant melanoma from my chest on my 30th birthday.

I don’t think I saw him again after that. I moved far away, and he was gone when I got back. Since that time I have been discouraged and dismayed with doctors and doctoring. Don’t get me started. Western medical practice and me--oil and water.

Recently though, I've heard and seen things leading me to think--maybe the wheel has come around again, and some doctors are once more teaching their patients about how to be healthy.

Some people struggling with various dry skin disorders have told me their doctor said they should apply oil while still wet from shower or bath. This is a much healthier way to moisturize than the products doctors have been recommending for years. Nearly all commercially manufactured moisturizing products have alcohol and preservatives in them--so they dry you out, rather than moisturize (though they help you feel moist initially). Oil and water...simple, cheap, and effective.

I met a medical student several years ago in a class that came to my studio to learn about massage as a complimentary/alternative medical approach. She's an MD now, encouraging people to take control of their health. She wants to be a resource for them!
I am encouraged. I am excited to work with these doctors. I am humbled by the opportunities presenting themselves to me, and by my judgmental attitude that perhaps kept me from noticing changes in Western medical practice. Oil and water--Western medicine and me--maybe a healthy combination? Hm. I've been saying for 30 years (since my doctor taught me) If your skin is dry..."moisturizing" products will only make the situation worse. Get wet. Apply oil. Best moisturizing ever.

Give feels good.




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